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Conventional Machined Parts

Metal Machining from R.P. Hawboldt

Efficient metal machining calls for versatility.  You (rightly) want us to do your work quickly and economically.  You demand highly innovative processing optimized for design and function.  Customer service, timely delivery and quality assurance all appear high on your list of priorities.

R.P. Hawboldt thrives in this environment.  While others wilt under the pressure, we take pride in our flexibility and versatility in meeting your needs on time and on budget. One of our secrets is using the right process for the job.  Our plant allows us to employ conventional methods when appropriate and to switch to the most modern, up-to-date computer automated methods for other jobs.

Our conventional milling operation is one example.  Milling generally involves removing material from a solid form.  However, the individual job dictates whether we use CNC milling, conventional milling or some combination of the two.  In the end, our goal is to perfectly complete your product in a timely manner and with no extra costs. 

Conventional Milling for Your Metal Machining

Our conventional milling comes into play for a number of services:

     •  Prototype and experimental production
     •  Design testing
     •  One-off work and short runs
     •  Partially machined items
     •  Sporadic runs
     •  JIT work

Machine shops must be flexible enough to be efficient in small production runs as well as full-out, high quantity and highly automated processes.  You should be confident with our conventional as well as our highly automated capabilities.  With R.P. Hawboldt you get a lean, capable machine shop with an outstanding level of customer service.

Our milling equipment includes:

     •  Knee type mills with universal heads and travels up to 60 inches
     •  Bed type mills, one with 14 foot maximum travel and a universal head
     •  Horizontal boring mill
     •  Radial arm drill
     •  Various grinders

Interested in Metal Machining?
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