Friday, December 14, 2018

The R.P. Hawboldt Mission

We are committed to the objective of customer satisfaction based on providing, in the most economical manner, only products and services that are in full compliance to contract requirements and customer expectations. It is recognized that "Quality" is the responsibility of all our employees and our Quality Program is designed to provide both the guidance and ability to meet that responsibility. Our Quality Program was developed and implemented with the objective of preventing and detecting any non conformity during production and installation. Our Quality Program has enabled us to be the recipient of a "Vendor Performance Award" for the last ten consecutive years.


R.P. Hawboldt Machining Limited

R.P. Hawboldt began operations over 35 years ago as a conventional machining company.  To meet our customers’ needs, we have grown over the years so now our operations include CNC (Computer Numerical Control) and conventional machining, metal fabrication and hydraulic services.

We are located in Trenton, Nova Scotia, about 10 minutes from the TransCanada Highway, a half mile from a rail siding and 10 miles from a shipping port.  Our building spans 30,000 square feet, and we employ 35 highly skilled employees.  Our employees are primarily metal workers with an array of associated technical and support people.  The R.P. Hawboldt quality assurance, training and safety programs are without compare.

We’ve worked with most heavy industrial sectors, including business in:

     •  Oil and Gas Production
     •  Tire Manufacturing
     •  Forestry
     •  Lumbering
     •  Mining
     •  Fishing
     •  Railroads

Quality, timeliness and competitive pricing are the keystones to our many years of operation.  We are very serious about adhering to our mission statement, included on your left.  Please look it over.

Interested in R.P. Hawboldt's CNC or Conventional Machining, Metal Fabrication or Hydraulic Services?
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